right ADJECTIVE 1) on, towards, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing which is to the east when the person or thing is facing north. 2) morally good, justified, or acceptable. 3) factually correct. 4) most appropriate: the right man for the job. 5) in a satisfactory, sound, or normal condition. 6) relating to a right-wing person or group. 7) informal, chiefly Brit. complete; absolute: I felt a right idiot.
ADVERB 1) on or to the right side. 2) to the furthest or most complete extent or degree. 3) exactly; directly. 4) correctly or satisfactorily. 5) informal immediately.
NOUN 1) that which is morally right. 2) a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something. 3) (rights) the authority to perform, publish, or film a particular work or event. 4) (the right) the right-hand part, side, or direction. 5) a right turn. 6) a person's right fist, or a blow given with it. 7) (often the Right) (treated as sing. or pl. ) a group or political party favouring conservative views.
VERB 1) restore to a normal or upright position. 2) restore to a normal or correct condition. 3) make amends for (a wrong).
ba ng to rights — Cf. ↑ba ng to rights
by rights — Cf. ↑by rights
in one's own right — Cf. ↑in one's own right
put (or set) right — Cf. ↑set right
put (or set) to rights — Cf. ↑set to rights
right (or straight) away — Cf. ↑straight away
right on — Cf. ↑right on
a right one — Cf. ↑a right one
she's (or she'll be) right — Cf. ↑she's right
DERIVATIVES righter noun rightish adjective rightmost adjective rightness noun rightward adjective & adverb rightwards adverb.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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